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Large Capacity Liquid Nitrogen Tank to Storage Biological Specimen

The biological specimen series Liquid Nitrogen Tank ensures safe storage of fault-free biological specimens, which is  equipped with advanced evacuation technology, thermal insulation technology and high vacuum durability.

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Product Descriptions:


The Liquid Nitrogen Tank for biological specimen series equipped with advanced evacuation technology, thermal insulation technology and high vacuum durability to ensure safe storage of fault-free biological specimens, good uniform temperature and lowest liquid nitrogen consumption. When stored in the gas phase, the temperature difference of the entire storage area does not exceed 10 ° C, and the lowest temperature at the top of the freezer shelf can reach -190 ° C. 

The Biobank Liquid Nitrogen Container Series offers you the best storage experience: fast biological specimens access, reliable biological specimens’ protection, convenient liquid nitrogen autofill and flexible storage capacity.


Product Advantages:


High-density storage:

Small footprint compared to similar products. The Liquid Nitrogen Container saves a lot of specimens, which can save space and reduce the storage cost per unit of specimen;


Excellent temperature uniformity:

Vacuum insulated stainless steel cabinet structure, high vacuum coverage, ensuring excellent thermal insulation and thermal insulation properties;


Stable opening temperature:

The innovative cover and the small opening of the neck are well designed to greatly reduce the liquid nitrogen volatilization rate. Even in the case of long-time opening, the inside of the cabinet can maintain temperature stability, and the temperature inside the cabinet is maintained no higher than -150 °C within 48 hours.


Advanced temperature monitoring system:

The monitoring system based on microprocessor and upper and lower double platinum resistance temperature probe can display the highest and lowest temperature in the box in real time with an accuracy of ±1 °C. The user can set the alarm point and has the alarm mute option.


Automatic perfusion liquid nitrogen and liquid level monitoring system:

The liquid level monitoring system based on differential pressure sensor displays the liquid level in real time to ensure safe and reliable liquid nitrogen auto-infusion process. The 10-inch LCD touch display shows parameters such as top temperature, bottom temperature, liquid level and operating status.


Hot gas bypass:

The hot gas bypass can remove the room temperature nitrogen in the pipeline before the liquid nitrogen is injected. This feature can ensure that only the ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen is injected into the tank, which avoids the temperature fluctuation of the liquid nitrogen tank during the adding process and affects the safety of the specimens, at the same time reduces additional liquid nitrogen consumption.


A number of humanized designs:

Stainless steel auxiliary workbench can be used for the temporary placement of the frozen storage rack, speeding up the specimens pick-and-place speed; the integrated folding step makes the operation height lower, and the pick-and-place is convenient and labor-saving. An internal rotating tray spare opening makes it easy to find samples that have been accidentally dropped.