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blood storage refrigerato small medicine refrigerator

2018-04-02 13:22:23

blood storage refrigerato
blood storage refrigerato
   small medicine refrigerator
small medicine refrigerator
blood storage refrigerato   small medicine refrigerator
blood storage refrigerato small medicine refrigerator

The advantages of blood storage refrigerato
■ Imported units, balanced operation, low noise, environmental protection and energy-saving use of forced air circulation, to ensure that the constant temperature of the cabinet without dead ends. The cooling rate is fast, the set temperature can reach the set temperature in a short time;
■ Microelectronics central processor, temperature control, smaller error, easier operation, LCD digital display temperature;
■ Unique rapid refrigeration technology, pure copper tube evaporator, adopts air-cooled structure, reasonable design of air duct and air volume, the temperature in the box is stable and uniform;
■ Polyurethane overall foaming technology, environmental protection foam material, high strength, high density, energy saving design effectively reduce energy consumption;
■ The use of hollow tempered glass, the middle layer for vacuum processing, easy to observe the contents stored inside the box at any time;
■ Color steel spraying board inside the cabinet, super anti-corrosion, beautiful and easy to clean;
■ Dip-insulated racks allow for easier storage and better display results.
■ With roller and adjustment foot design, mobile, use two convenient;
■ Double-width design with wide climatic zone and wide voltage band, free from geographical, temperature, and voltage influences, operates freely throughout the year and is more reliable to use.
Looking forward to your inquiry for this blood storage refrigerato small the medicine refrigerator