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What is the difference between medical refrigerators and domestic refrigerators?

2017-08-31 16:32:37

Blood bank refrigerator

The Medical refrigerators and ordinary refrigerator cooling principle is the same. Are compressed by the compressor to compress the refrigerant, and then through the capillary and condensate to compress the compressed refrigerant will be the process of compressor
2. ordinary refrigerator --- box temperature is not constant: generally use mechanical thermostat,
But the medical refrigerator temperature is more accurate, there is a wider range of temperature adjustment, Haier's pharmaceutical refrigerator, which uses five high-precision sensors to ensure that the temperature control and display accuracy, temperature adjustment increment of 0.1 degrees, More to ensure the safety of storage. Haier medicine refrigerator: can achieve over-temperature alarm, sensor failure alarm, open the door alarm, power failure alarm, remote alarm.
3. Some of the refrigerators used in the laboratory to achieve precise temperature, such as some of the blood station of the thermostat cabinet must meet the positive control of 0.01 degrees, then select the medical refrigerator is more suitable for some.

Blood bank refrigerator