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【CMEF2018】keep rising, Meiling has taken over new heights in the field of family healthcare.

2018-04-23 11:39:24

On 13th April, the 79th session of China international medical equipment fair (spring) and the 26th China international medical equipment design and manufacturing technology (spring) exhibition, China intelligent health exhibition has entered the third day, event was very hot, and Meiling biomedical booth visiting audiences are keep rising.


Crowded Meiling Biomedical booth


Not only was the latest scientific and technological achievements in the field of life science storage displayed by Meiling Biomedical, but also Family health products which have made a significant contribution to the development of this industry.


In view of the increasingly prominent aging of China and the increasing emphasis of Chinese people on personal health, it is increasingly becoming the goal of Meiling bio-medical to create "national family health guardian".

In this exhibition, Meiling biomedical has shown from the sphygmomanometer to ear thermometer, forehead temperature and weighing scale, body fat scale to family health atomizer, oxygenerator and related series products. The displayed products are also with delicate, precise and delicate outstanding performance, make enough attractions from the visitors.




Weighing the body weight, measuring the body temperature, measuring the blood pressure…. All the accurate data displaying, recording which demonstrating the visitor’s health conditions. Meiling Biomedical health consultants were also beside for guiding and providing the improving health suggestions on the experiencers which all displayed the role of Meiling biomedical efforts as “the national family health guardian”.

Meiling is more than just “the national family health guardian”


 “Love the life, care for the health” has always been the mission of Meiling biomedical enterprise. As the first ultra-low temperature freezer manufacturer in China, with 16 years of ultra-low temperature R&D experience which has been closely linked to the concepts of "life" and "health" for Meiling Biomedical. Moreover, the appearance of the brand new section is a direct linkage between Meiling biomedical and "life" and "health". In the future, Meiling biomedical will definitely fight for the mission of “Love the life, care for the health”!