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【Analytica 2018】Meiling technology, Form the most beautiful language between China and foreign countries

2018-04-23 11:43:15

April 10-13, Analytica 2018, grand opening in the Munich new international exhibition center, Germany!

Munich international laboratory, analysis, diagnosis, and biotechnology professional expo and conference (Analytica 2018), is the world's largest analysis field of the international exposition, included in biology, biochemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, medical diagnosis, pharmaceutical and food, the environment and instrument analysis and other research in the field of application and solutions

Meiling bio-medical, China's first cryogenic freezer manufacturer, brought the second generation of ultra-low temperature, medical refrigerator and combined refrigerator and freezers make a stage pose in this exhibition.

At the exhibition site, Meiling Bio-Medical booth continues to usher in a small crowd peak, which once again proved to the world that Meiling has been constantly leading the international technology, sending the strong signal of Meiling wisdom and China wisdom!


The Second generation of ULT freezers attracted the wide attention

The second generation of ULT freezers of Meiling Biomedical uses targeted refrigeration system with independent intellectual property rights. In 2002, the targeted refrigeration technology was successfully evaluated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and was highly evaluated. In the following several years, the technology obtained 25 invention patents in succession, enabling China to truly grasp the core technology in ultra-low temperature refrigeration technology. At the same time, the successful development of this technology has also taken the lead in breaking the deadlock of ultra-low-temperature refrigeration technology that has long been monopolized by foreign brands, enabling domestic brands to truly master core technologies.