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-10℃ ~ -40℃ Ultra Low Temperature Freezer DW-FL439

Meling ultra low temp freezer can be perfect to use as lab freezer and medical freezer for vaccine, plasma, and other items storage. 

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Temperature Control System

  • High-precision microcomputer temperature control system with build-in control/alarm sensors for high/low temperature, ambient temperature and evaporator temperature etc. ensuring the safe and stable running.
  • 1 inch high brightness digital temperature display with 0.1℃display precision; the temperature can be set freely within the range of -10℃~-40℃.


Security System

  • Perfect audible and visual alarm system makes it safer for storage. Equipped with alarm functions including high/low temperature alarm, high ambient alarm, sensor failure alarm, door opening alarm, power failure alarm, etc.
  • Buzzer alarm for the door opening more than 1 minute, alarm automatically muted when the door is closed.
  • Specially equipped with external door handle and padlock to prevent unauthorized opening


Refrigeration System

Equipped with SECOP high-efficiency compressor and international EBM fan, ensuring energy saving and silent running


Humanized Design

  • The interior is equipped with 7 layers of 14 ABS drawers, 2 for each layer, which is convenient for object storage
  • Standard 485 port, remote alarm port
  • 2 leveling feet located at the front bottom, 4 castors for the front and back


Scope of Application:


Suitable for use in scientific research, cryogenic test on special materials, blood plasma cryopreservation, low temperature resistance test on biological materials, vaccines, biological  products and military products, etc. Suitable for use in research institutions, the electronic industry, the chemical industry, hospitals, the health,& disease prevention system, laboratories in colleges & universities, military enterprises, etc.