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Medical refrigerator pharmacy fridge vaccine and laboratory fridge YC-395L

vaccine and laboratory fridge YC-395L

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Optional with temperature printer, pictures show the one with temperature printer and the one without temperature printer.
Accurate Control System:
 High accuracy temperature controller with high sensitivity sensors, keep the temperature within 2~8℃.
 Display accuracy to 0.1℃.
 Standard with USB interface for temperature data download.

Safety system:
 Front opening lockable door with full height handle;
 Perfect audible and visual alarms: high and low temperature alarm, sensor failure alarm, door open alarm, power failure alarm and low battery alarm.
 Inner cabinet made of high quality ABS material, outside made of high quality structural steel ,resistant to corrosion and easy to clean;
 keyboard lock and password protected to prevent the adjustment of the operating parameters;
 Fitted with 4 PCS casters for easy moving and fixing;
 Equipped with back up battery, could support power for alarm and display system for 72 hours during power failure.
 2-layer glass door with heater to prevent from condensation, especially efficient in the area with high humidity.

Refrigeration System:
 With renowned brand compressor and condenser, quite low noise;
 CFC-FREE refrigerant ensure environmental protection & safety.
 Air cooling, auto-defrost, temperature uniformity within ±2℃.

Humanization design:
 Inside with lighting system for easy look. The light will turn on while door is opened, light will goes off while the door is closed

 With 6 High-quality steel wire shelves, the shelves are adjustable to any height for satisfying
different requirements.
 Safety door lock, dual-glass-door design, the glass door with electrical heating to prevent from condensation under humidity 80%.
 1 Cooling fan inside, working while door is closed. stopped while the door is opened.
 Standard with 1 testing port, for further application such as testing the inner temperature with others devices.