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2℃~8℃ Medical Freezer Lab Pharmacy Refrigerator YC-395L

The YC-395L 2℃~8℃ Medical Freezer is a brand new refrigerant equipment from Meiling. You will have large effective capacity in 395 liters. 

Products Details

Optimized Features:


  • Eddy air cooling;
  • Frost-free intelligent temperature control;
  • Zero temperature fluctuation
  • More secure storage;
  • Equipped with "M+ energy core" power management system;
  • Create the peak of energy conservation;


Real air-cooling:       Eddy multi-duct refrigeration system, finned evaporator, completely solve frosting troubles, temperature uniformity is greatly improved.


  1. Super high wind speed in back, the speed can reach 20.9KM / H
  2. The airflow inside the box is evenly distributed
  3. The temperature uniformity everywhere inside the box is less than 2 ° C
  4. Ensure that the storage items are highly secure
  5. The flared air duct design ensures high wind speed at the bottom of the box

Really energy saving: Efficient power management system, combined with full air cooling design, energy efficiency increased by more than 40%.


  1. DC / DC "M + energy core" power management system
  2. Power conversion efficiency is up to 97% (normal 85%)
  3. High accuracy voltage control, stable voltage and overall performance
  4. Less redundant heat, prevent overheating risks


Really bright: Double LED tubular light source distributed on both sides, high brightness, transparent and no dead angle; electric heating + LOW-E design, double consideration, anti-condensation effect on the glass door is better.


Really safety: Storage is safer equipped with ring temperature, defrosting, temperature and humidity, upper display, control, lower display, condenser seven-way temperature probe, high temperature control accuracy, and almost zero fluctuation.



Specification Chart:



YC-395L Medical Freezer

Effective capacity

395 liters

temp. range


Compressor qty


Compressor brand

Chinese famous brand

External door qty


Shelves (adjustable)


Temperature record

Built-in datalogger USB data transfer interface.

Door Lock


Access test port:

1 as standard

Alarm system

Visual & Audio

High/low temperature alarm, power failure alarm , low battery alarm,

Door ajar alarm, high air temperature alarm, communication failure alarm

Input Power


Power consumption (Kw.h/24hrs)


Voltage & Frequency


Rated current






External size(WDH)

650x673x1992 mm

Internal size(WDH)

580x533x1352 mm

Packing size(WDH)

734*749*2030 mm

Weight (N/G,kgs)