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refrigerator for vaccines vaccine freezer

Model: YC-300L
Dimensions (D * W * H) mm: 595 × 603 × 1728
Total effective volume (liters): 300
Storage temperature (℃): 2 ℃ ~ 8 ℃
Weight (kg): 86

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This is the description of refrigerator for vaccines vaccine freezer

Control System:

Microprocessor controller, temperature ranging from +2℃ to +8℃, can be set freely, controlling precision 1℃,display accuracy 0.1℃. Room temperature ranging from 0℃ to 32℃

Combined with two exact sensors and auto defrost.

Audible and visual alarm: High or low temperature alarm, Door open alarm, Power failure alarm, Sensor failure alarm, low battery alarm.


Structure Design:

Upright type, Exterior and inside body all made from stainless steel(YC-260/300L is ABS material)

Caster are mounted under the bottom

Two-layer glass door with heater switch to prevent ice leak,and lockable.

Interior fluorescent lighting

Adjustable shelves made of quality steel wire.

With temperature recorder, record 7days data. 72 hour back up battery for recorder and controller work

Optional: chart recorder, remote alarm system


Refrigeration System:

International famous compressor and Germany EBM fan motor

Forced air circulation system.

Highly effective condenser and expansive evaporator to provide quick freezing





External size.

(WxDxH) mm

Inside size

(WxDxH) mm

Input power


(N.t / G.t)


260 L






300 L




90/100 Kg


520 L





Model: YC-300L

Dimensions (D * W * H) mm: 595 × 603 × 1728

Total effective volume (liters): 300

Storage temperature (℃): 2 ℃ ~ 8 ℃

Weight (kg): 86

Can be used for storage of biological products, vaccines, medicines, reagents and so on. Applicable to pharmacies, pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, disease prevention and control centers, health clinics and so on.


refrigerator for vaccines
refrigerator for vaccines

vaccine freezer
vaccine freezer
refrigerator for vaccines
vaccine freezer
refrigerator for vaccines vaccine freezer

The refrigerator for vaccines product features
◆ equipped with imported energy-saving units, split / integrated optional, truly low noise, ensure long-lasting products, environmental protection and stability;
◆ All-around air-conditioning circulation system, with multiple outlets inside, cooling air circulation in every corner of the cabinet, and equalizing indoor temperature;
◆Using a fully-optimized 3D three-dimensional refrigeration system to ensure a high degree of freshness of the drug at uniform temperatures;
◆ Microelectronics central processor, temperature control, smaller error, easier operation, LCD digital display temperature;
◆The unique rapid refrigeration technology, pure copper tube incubator, combines the advantages of superior controllers and 3D multi-cycle refrigeration systems to a faster speed;
◆Polyurethane overall foaming technology, environmental protection foam material, high strength, high density, energy saving design effectively reduce energy consumption;
◆ High-gloss steel design, aluminum alloy door frame, easy to clean without deformation, the appearance of high-end luxury, fashionable style;
◆ The use of hollow tempered glass, the cabinet body are painted steel plate, super anti-corrosion, beautiful and easy to clean;
◆ Dip-insulated racks provide easier storage and better display results.
◆Luxurious and transparent light boxes, free replacement screens, full three-dimensional display;
◆With roller and adjustment foot design, mobile, use two convenient;
◆ Double-width design with wide climatic zone and wide voltage band. It is not affected by the region, temperature, and voltage. It runs freely throughout the year and is more reliable to use.
Looking forward to your inquiry for this refrigerator for vaccines vaccine freezer